Atty. Pachico Seares

The column deals with media standards and accountability, particularly on issues involving the community press, and is published in Sun.Star Cebu.

Pachico A. Seares, public & standards editor of Sun.Star Cebu and Sun.Star Superbalita [Cebu], has worked with media for more than four decades.

His stints in journalism and allied endeavors include work as editor-in-chief of four publications: The Freeman, Sun.Star Cebu Yearbook, Sun.Star Cebu, and Sun.Star Superbalita [Cebu]; correspondent of “Manila Chronicle’; trustee of Philippine Press Institute (PPI) and Cebu News Workers Foundation (Cenewof); and journalism lecturer at University of the Philippines Cebu College.

He’s executive director of Cebu Citizens-Press Council (CCPC) and chairman of the board, Cebu Press Freedom Week, Inc. and Cebu Media Legal Aid (Cemla), Inc. He writes an opinion column “News Sense” in Sun.Star Cebu.

U.P. System awarded him the Gawad Plaridel, 2008; Province of Cebu, the “Garbo sa Sugbo” award, 2008; and Philippines Foundation, Inc. “Perlas Valuable Filipino Award,” 2009 — all for his work in the community press.


Roxas complaint on ‘lies’ in reporting; Rama warning: ‘enough of wrong writing’

“Pawang kasinungalingan iyan at nagpakita ng kawalan ng prupesyunalismo. (Those are all lies that only show lack of professionalism.) I appeal to the ‘Manila Standard’ to get your facts straight and not rely on the imagination of your sources or spin doctors.” -- Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II who, the MS Today news report said, asked President Aquino to sack Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. and (suspended) PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima


#Zero Casualty: craziness or what?

WHAT was the difference when President Aquino spoke to the press before Yolanda struck in 2013 and when he conferred with disaster managers last Dec. 4 before Ruby came?

Promoting adultery

"Life is short. Have an affair." --Dating site Ashley Madison's catchphrase

Binay’s birthday wish

"My birthday wish is that I hope these people destroying my reputation would finally wake up and end their destructive politics. I wish that we elevate our political discourse and election and not resort to lies and mudslinging."

-- Vice President Jejomar Binay, on the eve of his 72nd birthday today

Mike Rama’s obese budget

CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama's proposed budget for 2015 is about three times bulkier than this year's budget. From P5.89 billion in 2014, it bloats into P18.9 billion next year.

‘Excuse me, DAP is no PDAF’

IN HIS July 14 TV address, President Aquino expressed annoyance that some critics said his DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Fund) was like Congress's PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund).

"Excuse me" -- idiom for "say that again" -- signifies disbelief: how dare they put DAP, noble intentioned and corruption-free, on the same table with graft-ridden PDAF?

Confusing ‘pork’ issue with legal questions

MALACAÑANG argues that its pork barrel is legal and constitutional because it has been honest in spending it. Some legislators argue that their pork barrel is beyond scrutiny by the Supreme Court (SC) because Congress alone determines wisdom of spending.

The issues now being heard in the high tribunal tend to confuse a public not keen about legal nuances of the controversy.

Wishy-washy about pork barrel issue

EVEN before the Million People March at the Luneta and in major cities of the country could start yesterday, more doubts were raised about Palace intention about the pork barrel.

Diapers, not fish killed Magellan?

PLASTIC, poor-quality diapers offered by Magellan to Lapu-Lapu, not defense of Mactan Island, led to the battle that the "Magellan" song of Roman "Yoyoy" Villame (1932-2007) promoted more widely and efficiently than any history book did or will do.

When Lapu-Lapu's wife exposed the gift and compared it to the EQ diaper on their child, Lapu-Lapu fumed, saying the foreigner betrayed their friendship.

Running the country and PNoy’s hair loss

IT WAS Sen. Chiz Escudero, at the LP rally in Plaza Miranda last Feb. 11, who teased President Noynoy Aquino that running the country is tough: look at PNoy's receding hairline. The president can't govern the country alone, he needs a partner, Chiz added.