Al S. Mendoza


‘Ahas’ scores again; Tony is all smiles now

BECAUSE I did not want Tony Aldeguer to feel very, very nervous again, I did not write here about my prediction anew of a knockout win for Donnie “Ahas” Nietes during last Saturday’s Pinoy Pride 30 at the Cubao Big Dome.

The last time I said here that Nietes would win by knockout, Aldeguer aka ALA was so very nervous he almost did not watch that Nietes fight from ringside.

Pacquiao does gallantry in a different stroke

WHO cannot love Manny Pacquiao?

Only the fool on the hill cannot.

Why SMB lost its way in the ‘Slam’ journey

WHEN San Miguel Beer won the PBA Philippine Cup, Grand Slam dreams danced joyously in the mind of every Beerman—seemingly, that is.

If 6’10” June Mar Fajardo can anchor the Beermen’s championship drive in the league’s initial offering of the year, why, he can also do it in the second conference big time.

A monster set to gobble up ‘Pac-May’ tiff?

HAVE we created a monster named random drug testing?

Seemingly, the answer is yes.

Calling Koncz an ‘idiot’ below the belt, fellas

INSTEAD of beautifying further the already beautiful promise that can only come from a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout set for May 2 (May 3 in the Philippines), it seems it is going the opposite direction?

No, not One Direction, turkey.

Has ‘Money’ undergone drug-testing?

MANNY Pacquiao has had two doping tests already in two weeks.

Drug-testing a focal point in ‘Pac-May’ fight

FOR the record, it was Floyd Mayweather Jr. who requested—no, demanded—that Manny Pacquiao agree to mandatory random drug testing procedures before fight negotiations could start. This was in 2010. He, sure, had impressed upon us that he was drug-free. Clean as a whistle.

For that, I had raised my glass then to The Money.

The challenge of that ‘0’ in Money’s mark

IT is on—finally.

It took more than five years to cook. Hopefully, it’d be worth the wait; the broth heavenly, as in that famed seminal soup served by the roadside bullfight arenas in Spain—if you know what I mean. Tourists flock there to savor it daily—and rush back to the hotel contented like homeward-bound, scent-starved soldiers from a smoldering war.

To lick ‘ss’ is to know how to live life well

SYDNEY—Been here the last 12 days or so. The first half was for the BMW Golf Cup coverage, the other mainly “doin’ nuthin’” but “goin’ round and round and round” as what tourists normally do—with Sol Juvida the writer my most reliable navigator as always.

Homeward-bound now, never felt so happy. As I keep saying here, trips always rejuvenate.

Rekindling ties with my city of Olympics

SYDNEY—Sunday last, I finally had the chance to savor George St., this city’s main thoroughfare, a day after my coverage of the BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2014 at both the New South Wales and St. Michael’s. Sol Juvida the writer and I walked around leisurely, skyscrapers dwarfing us, the roar of buses competing endlessly with screeches of cars both old and new, people of all shapes and sizes unstoppably whizzing by us on a typical weekend stroll and romp in the sun—providing me a microscopic vista of a city I knew 15 years ago, when I was here covering the 2000 Summer Olympics.