Aliens, Zombies and the Super Humans

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By Nina S. Custodio


Sunday, July 6, 2014

THIS week, I have had the time to relax and watch cable TV without much distraction. I have managed to actually allot time for being alone that I was able to spend my “idle” time the way that I wanted.

In my down time, I watch the History channel. A lot! I have favorite shows that I try to tune into at least once a week. Multiple attempts to keep track of new episodes really, but usually ending up with either half (or even less) of my intended attention (as I am often multitasking whenever I am ‘relaxing’) or worse, me falling asleep and waking up with the show finished. Arrrgh!

It really is important that no matter what, we have time for ourselves. Most days, we are all caught up in the intricacies of the rat race we call our ‘reality’ that it wouldn’t hurt to retreat to a happy that helps relax frayed nerves, worn out minds and bodies that are just about to give up from sheer exhaustion! It would be great to just chill out and disengage from all the daily stresses that we subject ourselves to everyday! There is nothing like being able to do that and then come back to fight another day, renewed and recharged.



My Historyfest started with Zombies. I can’t remember the name of the program now but it was all about zombies! The evolution of zombies, their apparent plans on world domination and how we humans can survive and possibly fight against them. In real life. Yes. Real life! Whattheheck?? There were survival experts, some (supposedly) with military background, discussing what tools to bring, what guns and ammos to choose in the event of a zombie apocalypse. There were tips too, on how to board up your houses and how you should pack lightly when you have no choice but to venture out into open spaces in the hopes of fleeing against zombie attack! I sat in my room, staring at the TV in disbelief! I keep thinking how atrociously ridiculous it was that someone actually thought of making a documentary(?) out of it! Is it just me (not a fan of the Walking Dead, never have and probably never will watch it) or has a subculture of zombies managed to actually live while I live under a rock?? The thought that anyone has even considered such a thing makes my skin crawl. Haven’t they ever heard of the saying: “Be careful what you wish for?”

To continue.

There I was watching my channel. The Alien show comes on. I do not normally watch these shows because honestly, I don’t care much for aliens. At least the extraplanetary type. But you know what they say, new knowledge never hurt anyone. Knowing more about what other people think is out there would at the least, be entertaining. Hmm. I faintly remember hearing the word star child in Stanley Kubrik’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was young then and the idea of a star child was really alien (no pun intended) to me. Just a figure of writer Arthur C. Clarke’s imagination--no more, no less. Right? I watched my channel and sat through Ancient Aliens and the other alien shows. Star children apparently exist and are said to be the offspring of human and alien parents. Astreaus, Pythagoras’ student, was apparently a star child and was actually the one who revealed mathematical knowledge that led to the theorems we studied in Geometry. Hmmm. The episodes was not to so much about how they looked (they look just like us now, having gone through evolution and all that) but more about their extraordinary abilities like telekinesis and astral travel, etc. Hearing someone talk about it now and learning that there is such a thing as The Starchild Project just makes me think and say it loud: Seriously?? I am really trying to keep an open mind here. I mean, if one could believe that ghosts exist, why not consider human hybrids borne out of the union between aliens and people? It may seem absurd but there are people who see this as a valid possibility.

I continued watching; the other show discussed aliens having a hand at ancient marvels in architecture and even in medicine. The discovered Peruvian thousand year old trephinated skull couldn’t have been done by an ancient human because it was an advanced medical procedure and it was done well. Ergo, aliens must have had a role in teaching the ancient humans how to do it. Well...I can live with the thought that there are people who actually believe in this but personally, I would like to think that there are human beings who are just more able to do things that most people find impossible to do. Is it easier to think that other-worldly influences play a role in exceptional ability among human beings than the possibility that the human beings themselves are actually exceptional? Really??

Superhumans walk the earth, I believe. They have exceptional talents and abilities. They have them either because they have worked hard to become one or maybe because they have the genetic capability to be one. They do not have to be aliens. They do not have to be coached or influenced by aliens. They are human beings that have out-of-this-world capabilities compared to most of us. I like that Stan Lee’s Superhumans chose to find what is exceptional about human beings rather than trying to find alien influences of human abilities. After all, he would have the propensity to think so, being the co-creator of Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Men and the X-Men among other popular comic book heroes. Instead, the program chose to find anatomical and physiological explanations for superhero traits possessed by regular human beings. Shouldn’t that be easier to accept as fact than aliens?

We are all special in unique ways and although some of us become more recognized than most, we have to continuously be proud of our abilities and cultivate it so that we do not only personally gain from it, but also, contribute to making the world a better place. Being exceptional should be taken as a positive trait and not as something that allows people to label you as a freak or be treated as an alien lifeform. I guess what has had me all worked about these aliens and zombies thing is that it takes away the privilege of actually being human. It underlies our ability to survive on our own merits (even against the undead) as well as undermine our ability to think innovatively. Hmp. We are capable of possessing exceptional abilities that are out-of-the-world awesome! We do not need to be from out of this world to know that.

Happy Sunday Everyone! :)

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on July 06, 2014.


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