The Holy Mass as explained by Mama Mary to Catalina Rivas

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

IT WAS first Friday and the celebrant of the Mass was Fr. Raymond Asoy. He spoke to us about Pope Francis’s request for this weekend: “I have decided to proclaim for the whole Church... a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, the Middle East, and throughout the world, and I also invite each person, including our fellow Christians, followers of other religions and all men of good will, to participate, in whatever way they can, in this initiative.” This is to be on the eve of Mama Mary’s birthday and throughout the 8th of September.

Our Blessed Mother is the Queen of Peace and if we lift up our prayer and fasting together with her, the Lord will definitely listen to our pleas.

Fr. Raymond further expounded on the Holy Mass as Jesus and the Virgin Mother explained it to Catalina Rivas. She is believed to receive messages from Jesus, Mary and the angles. The Church has granted their imprimatur on these messages especially how we can benefit when concentrated of the great mysteries that are taking place during the Mass.


Catalina Rivas starts her story with the feast of the Annunciation. When she arrived in Church, the priests were coming out of the Sacristy. The Virgin Mary said: “Today is a day of learning for you, and I want you to pay close attention because of what you will witness today. Everything that you will experience today, you will have to share with all of humanity.”

The Archbishop started the Mass and when he reached the Penitential Rite, the Blessed Virgin said: “From the bottom of your heart, ask the Lord to forgive your faults that you have offended Him. In this way, you will be able to participate worthily in this privilege of assisting at the Holy Mass.”

When the Gloria was recited, Our Lady said: “Glorify and bless with all your love the Holy Trinity, in your acknowledgment of being one of Its creatures.” How different the Gloria started to be for Catalina.

When the Liturgy of the Word arrived, the Virgin Mary made me repeat: “Lord, today, I want to listen to Your Word and produce abundant fruit. May Your Holy Spirit clean the interior of my heart so that Your Word grows and develops on it, purifying my heart so that it may be well disposed.”

Our Lady continues: “I want you to be attentive to the readings and to all the homily of the priest. Remember that the Bible says that the Word of God does not return without bearing fruit. If you are attentive, something from all that you heard will remain in you. You should try to recall, all day long, those Words that left an impression on you.” Savor them for the rest of the day, and it will become a part of you, because it is the way to change one’s life, by allowing the Word of God to transform you.” “And now, tell the Lord that you are here to listen, that you want Him to speak to your heart today.”

Her explanation of the Offertory is beautiful. Our Lady says this is how Jesus asks us to pray: “Lord, I offer all that I am, all that I have, all that I can. I put everything into Your Hands. Build it up Lord, with the very little thing that I am. By the merits of your Son, transform me, God Almighty, I petition You for my family, for my benefactors, for each member of our Apostolate, for all the people who fight against us, for those who commend themselves to my poor prayers. Teach me to lay down my heart as if on the ground before them so that their walk may be less severe. This is how the saints prayed; this is how I want all of you to do it.”

Suddenly, Catalina saw characters standing up. It was as if from the side of each person present in the Cathedral, another person emerged and soon the Cathedral was full of young, beautiful people dressed in white robes. They moved into the central aisle and walked towards the altar.

On this Our Lady says: “Observe. They are the Guardian Angels of each one of the persons who are here. This is the moment in which your Guardian Angel carries your offerings and petitions before the altar of the Lord. Offer yourselves at this moment, offer your sorrows, your hopes, your sadness, your joys, your petitions. Remember that the Mass has infinite value. Therefore, be generous in offering and in asking.”

Some angels were empty handed. The Virgin Mother said: “Those are the angels of the people who are here but never offer anything. They have no interest in living each liturgical moment of the Mass, and they have no gifts to carry before the altar of the Lord. Do not sadden your Guardian Angel. Ask for much, ask for the conversion of sinners, for peace in the world, for your families, your neighbors, for those who ask for your prayers. Ask, ask for much, but not only for yourselves, but for everyone else. Remember that the offering which pleases the Lord is when you offer yourselves as a holocaust so that Jesus upon His descent, may transform you in His own merits. What do you have to offer the Father by yourselves? Nothingness and sin. But the offering of oneself united to the merits of Jesus, that offering is pleasing to the Father.”

When the assembly together said: “Holy, Holy, Holy,” Catalina noticed that everything that was behind the celebrants of the Mass disappeared. Behind the left side of the Archbishop, thousands of angels appeared in a diagonal line dressed in white tunics. Everyone knelt with their hands united in prayer, and bowed their heads in reverence. Beautiful music filled the air singing in unison with the people: Holy, Holy, Holy…

The moment of the most marvelous of Miracles arrived, the Consecration. Behind the right side of the Archbishop appeared a multitude of people dressed in tunics but in soft colors. Their faces were brilliant and full of joy. They knelt down as well at the singing of “Holy, Holy, Holy…” Our Lady says: “These are all the Saints and the Blessed in Heaven and among them are the souls of your relatives who already enjoy the Presence of God.

Then Catalina says: “I saw her, exactly to the right of the Archbishop, a step behind the celebrant. She was suspended a little off the floor, kneeling on some very fine, transparent but luminous fabric like crystalline water. It was the Holy Virgin with hands joined looking attentively and respectfully at the celebrant. She spoke to me from there, but silently, directly to the heart, without looking at me: “It surprises you to see me standing a little behind the Monsignor does it not? This is how it should be… With all the love that my Son gives me, he has not given me the dignity that He has given the priests of being able to perform the daily Miracle with my hands as they do with their priestly hands. Because of this, I feel a deep respect for priests and for the miracle that God carries through them, which compels me to kneel here behind them.”

In front of the altar, there appeared shadows of people in gray color with their heads raised. The Holy Virgin says: These are the blessed souls in Purgatory, who await your prayers to be refreshed. Do not stop praying for them. They pray for you but they cannot pray for themselves. It is you who have to pray for them, in order to help them depart so that they can be with God and enjoy Him eternally. Now, you see it; I am here all the time. People go on pilgrimages, searching for the places where I appeared. This is good, because of all the graces that they will receive there. But during the no apparition, in no other place, am I more present than during the Holy Mass. You will always find me at the foot of the altar where the Eucharist is celebrated; at the foot of the Tabernacle, I remain with the angels because I am always with Him.” She continues: “Tell all people that never is a man more manly then when he bends his knees before God.”

Catalina continues her narration, the Archbishop was a man of normal height but when he said the words of the Consecration, he began to grow, becoming filled with light, a supernatural light between white and gold that enveloped him and grew very strong around his face. I could not see his features. When he raised the Host, I saw his hands, and on the back of them, he had some marks from which emanated a great deal of light. It was Jesus! It was Him wrapping His Body around the celebrant as if He were lovingly surrounding the hands of the Archbishop. At that moment, the Host began to grow and became enormous, and upon it the marvelous face of Jesus appeared at His people. By instinct, I wanted to bow my head and Our Lady said: “Do not look down. Look up to view and contemplate Him. Exchange your gaze with His, and repeat the prayer of Fatima: Lord, I believe, I adore, I love, I trust and I love You. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You. Forgiveness and Mercy…Now, tell Him how much you love Him, and pay homage to the King of Kings.”

As the Archbishop was saying the words of the Consecration of the Wine, lightning appeared from the heavens and in the background. The walls and ceiling of the church disappeared. All was dark, but for that brilliant light from the Altar. Suspended in the air, I saw Jesus crucified. I saw Him from the head to the lower part of the chest. The cross beam of the Cross was sustained by some large, strong hands. From within this resplendent light, a small light, like a brilliant, very small dove, came forth and flew swiftly all over the Church. It came to rest on the left shoulder of the Archbishop, who continued to appear as Jesus because I could distinguish His long hair, His luminous wounds and His large body, but I could not see His face. Jesus’ head had fallen on His right shoulder. I was able to contemplate His face, beaten arms and torn flesh. On the right side of His chest, He had an injury and blood was gushing out toward the left side, and toward the right side, what looked like water, but it was very brilliant. They were more like jets of light coming towards the faithful, and moving to the right and to the left. I was amazed at the amount of blood that was flowing out toward the Chalice. I thought it would overflow and stain the whole Altar, but not a single drop was spilled.

At that moment, the Virgin Mary said: “This is the miracle of miracles. I have said to you before that the Lord is not constrained by time and space. At the moment of the Consecration, all the assembly is taken to the foot of Calvary, at the instant of the Crucifixion of Jesus.”

It was during the prayer of the Our Father that the Lord spoke to me for the first time during the celebration. “Wait, I want you to pray with the deepest profundity which you can summon. At this moment, bring to mind that person or persons which have done you the greatest harm during your life, so that you embrace them close to your bosom, and tell them with all your heart: “In the Name of Jesus, I forgive you and wish you peace. In the Name of Jesus, I ask for your forgiveness and wish my peace. If the person is worthy of that peace, then the person will receive it, and feel better for it. If that person is not capable of opening up to that peace, then peace will return to your heart. But I do not want you to receive nor offer peace when you are not capable of forgiving and feeling that peace in your heart first. “Be careful of what you do” says the Lord. “You repeat in the Our Father: ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’. If you are capable of forgiving but not forgetting, as some people say, you are placing conditions upon the forgiveness of God. You are saying: You forgive me only as I am capable of forgiving, but no more.”

The Archbishop gives the peace and unity blessing as he says: “the peace of the Lord be with all of you”….suddenly I saw that among some, if not all, of the people who were embracing each other, a very intense light placed itself between them. I knew it was Jesus, and I practically threw myself to embrace the person next to me, Catalina excitedly exclaims. I could truly feel the embrace of the Lord in that light.

During the time of the Communion of the celebrant, Our Lady says: “This is the moment to pray for the celebrant and the priests who accompany him. Repeat together with me: ‘Lord, bless them with Your love. Remember all the priests of the world, pray for all the consecrated souls…

Thoughts that clouded Catalina’s mind were that we the laity demand so much from our priests and yet we are unable to pray for them, to understand that they too are human and to comprehend and appreciate the solitude that many times can surround a priest. They do need our attention and affection because they are giving their life to each of one of us, as Jesus did, by being consecrated to Him.

As I received Communion, Jesus told me: “The Last Supper was the moment of the greatest intimacy with My own. During that hour of love, I established what could be thought of as the greatest act of lunacy in the eyes of men, that of making Myself a prisoner of Love. I established the Eucharist. I wanted to remain with you until the end of centuries because My love could not bear that you remained orphans, you whom I loved more than My life.”

The congregation stood up for the final prayer. Jesus in a sad tone says: “Did you take note of her prayer? Not a single time did she tell me that she loves Me. Not a single time did she thank Me for the gift that I have given her by bringing down My Divinity to her poor humanity, in order to elevate her to Me. Not a single time has she said: “Thank you Lord. It has been a litany of requests, and so are almost all of those who come to receive Me. I have died for love and I am risen. For love I await each one of you, and for love I remain with you…But you do not realize that I need your love. Remember that I am the Beggar of Love in this sublime hour for the soul.”

As the celebrant was giving the final blessing, Our Lady speaks: “Be attentive, take care…You do any old sign instead of the Sign of the Cross. Remember that this blessing could be the last one that you will receive from the hands of a priest. You do not know when leaving here, if you will die or not. You do not know if you will have opportunity to receive a blessing from another priest. These consecrated hands are giving you the blessing in the Name of the Holy Trinity. Therefore, make the sign of the Cross with respect, as if it was the last one of your life.

The final words of Jesus were: “Do not leave in a hurry after Mass is over. Stay a moment in My company and enjoy it and let Me enjoy yours. The Holy Mass is Myself prolonging My life and My sacrifice on the cross among you.”

Wow! I cannot believe how beautiful the Mass really is after hearing this from Catalina Rivas! To all who read this, may all our lives be transformed as well and enjoy truly God’s presence and His love during the Mass.

Published in the Sun.Star Bacolod newspaper on September 07, 2013.


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