Losing an artist

LOSING someone is always a sad time, but losing an artist who has yet to receive the recognition he deserves is even more painful. But he has gone ahead, and it is left to us the living to continue.

Women’s stories: Their voice and power

YOLANDA or Haiyan became the most popular name of the century. The picture of pain is immeasurable and the way to recovery is very painful.

A few of the women I encountered showed me the strength that made them get back on their feet with dignity.

A tribute to Ma Fil: Lemlunay Master Artist

LEMLUNAY laments the loss of a master artist Ma Fil, traditional lute master player and teacher in the School of Living Tradition (SLT).

Kasing Sining: A laboratory of art for healing

DISASTER brought out the creative force of the Filipinos. A close encounter with artists from different genres and disciplines made Bohol a laboratory of healing modalities. The call for cultural caregiving through art for healing was propelled with the relentless effort of Lutgardo Labad, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and outgoing head of National Committee on Dramatic Arts (NCDA).

Cultural Mapping and education on community disasters

DISASTER preparedness is now a byword.

The visionaries have prepared us with their visions of catastrophic future which have different sides to it. Some say it’s for world transformation which translates to cleansing of sins for the fanatics. For the scientists it’s the climate change that cause the upheavals in massive destructive scale.

Zerrudo: Cultural ambassadors through music

ART makes mind beautiful and gives birth to ideas. I learned creative survival being deprived of many privileges as a child. Instead, I learned to make my own toys and made things work when they were broken. Poverty can make people creative too. According to the great artist Picasso, “every child is an artist, the problem is when they grow up.”

A Universe in a city with music underground

ART is our original voice. We do not want our creative ideas to be wasted by not following the creative nature of an individual to express him/herself. One thing I want the children to experience is for them to discover the “eyes” that can see beauty. Then poetry can be born, music will be written, canvass shall be painted and new inventions will be made. There will be more stories after sunsets or before sunrise.

The gift of genius: Music transforming lives…

THE universe is a perfect masterpiece with its billions of years of creativity.

Sendong: A culture of remembrance

DECEMBER reminds me of the church bells at dawn, misa de gallo, caroling at dusk, smell of newly baked puto bumbong in open fire and the wind chill. Many sweet memories, a tradition carried from the past that has been a commercial refuge for some people longing to have a white Christmas.

Back to square 'Juan'

LIFE creates a vicious cycle of urbanization, where landscapes are eaten up by ‘mall’ fever like mushrooms sprouting everywhere.

It is a disturbing site to see. When once a place with strong cultural character, most of our public spaces are reduced to mere imitations and monoculture.