Run All Night Review More jog than sprint

EVER since Liam Neeson's career was reignited by his role in Taken, he’s been known as some kind of hurt-my-family-and-I-will-hunt-you-down sort of character. Neeson has enjoyed some sort of career renaissance ever since becoming that sort of “super dad” character, and fans of that performance will be glad to know that the super dad character is in full effect in Run All Night.

Cinderella: Oldie but a goodie

I MUST admit, although I have lots of love for Disney and have seen many of their movies back in the day, it surprises some of my friends that I've never seen the "Disney princess" kinds of movies. Having grown up with a brother, the Disney films I was raised on were stuff like Lion King, Aladdin and Hercules. That being said, knowing nearly nothing about Cinderella except the big plot points everyone already knows about, I thoroughly enjoyed the new live-action rendition of Cinderella.

The perils of poverty

WHILE students from out of town are fast asleep, someone is just getting up to start her day and earn what she can to make a living.

PAL Interclub: Seniors division winds up today

CEBU CITY - It's a do or die for the top teams in the 68th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament's senior category that winds up today at the Club Filipino de Cebu and Mactan Island Golf and Country Club here Sunday.

Davao teams struggle in PAL Interclub

CEBU CITY -- Davao City teams continued to struggle on Day 2 of the 68th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament's senior category at the Club Filipino de Cebu and Mactan Island Golf and Country Club on Friday.

PAL Interclub: Camp John Hay paces Founders

CEBU CITY -- Camp John Hay Team paced the Founders Division as the 68th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament's Senior Category teed off Thursday at Club Filipino de Cebu and Mactan Island Golf and Country Club.

Camp John Hay Team was first in the Founders Division, with Rommel Gomez scoring 47 points, Clyde Cabreros and Rudy Lockey grabbing 41 points apiece for a total of 129 using the PAL Points System.

Docs with a mission

THERE are many stories of doctors heading abroad to find greener pastures. Some of these doctors, however, are still drawn back to the country even after finding better paying jobs abroad.

Dr. Vincent Vicente is one of them. Vicente currently works at the Community Health and Development Cooperative Hospital in Davao City, doing minor surgeries and assisting his father in major surgeries. He also has work in the Bureau of Corrections as a medical officer.

Of safe skies and secret Santas

THE holiday season is upon us, and it’s a time of year well-known for the family reunions and gift-giving. While most people are taking their time off work to spend time with their family and relatives who have flown in from overseas or patiently waiting for packages sent by their loved ones abroad, there are some people who’re working around the clock to ensure that others’ Christmas days are complete.

Helping you find your way home

Good Old Gaming with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

IT'S been a while since I've played something like Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and it's been a while since I've felt oddly charmed by a game.

I don't know what it is, really. Is it that it's an indie game and I've become desensitized to the scale and power of AAA games? Is it because of its 16-bit graphics? Is it because it resembles old school gaming with its mix of bullet hell and dungeon crawling gameplay? Is it because my character is weeping and shoots out tears to take out the enemies? Or perhaps because I picked up some technology which gave my character a laser eye to complement the tears he shoots out? I'm not sure if it's one of these or all of them combined, but what I'm sure of is that after only two runs in the game, not having finished it either time, I'm determined to come back.

‘A great fighter’

CHRIS Algieri, whose bold pre-fight talk enraged Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach, has finally given the Filipino boxing icon his due.

"He's a great fighter. He does everything well. Manny has perfected his style of fighting. I was never hurt, but I did catch a really bad shot on one of the knockdowns," Algieri said in an interview after Pacquiao defeated him via a unanimous decision before a sell-out crowd of more than 13,000 during their WBO welterweight boxing title fight at Cotai Afredna in Macau on Sunday.