AFTER a trip to a certain health shop which sells different types of food and vitamin supplements, I came across a certain bottle with the label "Lecithin." And suddenly, if my memory had served me right, a flashback of a TV advertisement endorsing lecithin plus vitamin E was once selling like pancakes with commercial models exposing their sexy skin and bodies.

Women bear the brunt of calamities

MEREDITH, a mid-40s spinster, recalls her Sendong experience from a different perspective, somewhat in an obverse position to the popular description of dread and darkness.

Women’s social roles: Heroic in deeds

SALLY wakes up at 5:00 a.m. Mondays to Fridays. After brushing her long dark hair, she teleports herself to the kitchen, where her magic begins --cooking with love for her family. A mother to four school-age children, Sally sees to it that everything is in place for the breakfast of her loved ones before the sun rises.

Once the table is set and the uniforms of her sleeping husband and children are ready, she goes room to room to wake her family with a tender touch of love.

Man, in a women-dominated profession

NURSES are women; doctors are men.

Zinc to counter antibiotic resistance 

QUOTING from the 1955 Ibanez study, it states “antibiotic therapy, if indiscriminately used, may turn out to be a medicinal flood that temporarily cleans and heals, but ultimately destroys life itself.”

Such a spiel reminds not only the health professionals’ community but everyone concerned of the alarming drawbacks of indiscriminate and inappropriate use and misuse of antibiotic therapy.

Hormone-induced acne

ROUNDED, raised and red that was disfiguring on the face: that is how the acne of Vincent, a dude in his mid-20s appeared when he visited a dermatology clinic in town. But his reasons for seeking the services of the dermatologist are not isolated on his face as acne has spread all over the skin of his legs, back, shoulders, neck and upper arms.

Untold stories of pregnancy

IN A waddling gait and poor posture, Rinnie, a petite pregnant woman, steps in the lying-in clinic with chief complaints of labor pains at the most ungodly hour of the night. She was accompanied a young-looking woman, who looked a little bit like her.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A tale of fighting for survival

AUNTIE DORIE, as what Dorothy, a woman in her 50’s is more fondly addressed, lies on the comforts of her bed motionless and almost void of signs of life.

National Mental Retardation Week 2015

THE Philippine Department of Health (DOH) has designated the first week of February as the National Mental Retardation Week.

Mental Retardation (MR) is defined as a sub-average intellectual ability present from birth or early infancy.

Salicylic Acid: A promising skin agent

A TRIP to the dermatologist has proven to be an opportunity to learn more about skin care products and regimens as I did so when I decided to seek professional help to an unusual late-onset acne-like skin problem I was facing.